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Warm congratulations on the new campus construction starts smoothly

On July 21, 2017, 18 cents at eight o 'clock in the morning, the company's new factory opening ceremony was held successfully.

Comrade Wu Zhenghua presided over the commencement ceremony

Wu Zhenghua comrade presided over the commencement ceremony and introduce project summary: the new factory covers an area of 75000 square meters, including offices, eight high-end pharmaceutical intermediates and 3 API production line, warehouse, utilities, detection and so on comprehensive construction project, the project is completed, will form the annual output of 2610 tons of high-end pharmaceutical intermediates and 81.1 tons of active pharmaceutical ingredients (series) of production scale, postpartum, new annual sales income 1 billion yuan, profit tax of 128 million yuan.

Enterprise group leaders and members and the company responsible for the comrades to attend ridging ceremony

Enterprise group leaders and members and the company responsible for the comrades to attend ridging ceremony;

Dan group chairman, general manager of Zhang Jiaqing make important speech

Group company chairman and general manager comrade Zhang Guqing made important speech on the commencement ceremony.Zhang first of all, on behalf of the group company of our new factory always congratulate went smoothly.

Zhang pointed out that new campus construction, the company is the elaboration since its new campus construction, the Dan group innovation upgrade of industrialization is another major decisions, concentration reflected the group of companies to invest in new factory attaches great importance to the company and determination;Also pointed out that the construction of our new factory, is bigger and stronger in the Dan medicine plate strategic moves, is the great transformation of Dan API development in an important milestone!

General requirements, the company all my colleagues, it is important to continue to carry forward, cultivating the spirit of striving, innovation, forge ahead, to create first-class performance, in return for corporation and all the brothers unit of the concern and support!

Zhang always hope that the member enterprises group co., LTD., and the functions of the group company, as always, support the development of the company, the omni-directional good services, for example of API escort the development of plate.

Zhang stressed that comrade to participate in the company of the construction of the project for the new site should not only pay special attention to the daily work, pays special attention to the project construction and to concentrate on, unified planning, highlight, improve the quality and effectiveness.Especially want to site construction comrades overcome difficulties and go forward, the weather is hot, safety is more important;Workload is big, the quality is not relaxed, must principle of safety and quality, to ensure the project a complete success!

Group co., LTD., head of the office, the company leading group for new plant construction and staff members, the representative of the construction of the project, and the company department manager attended the opening ceremony.

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