Marketing Strategy
Flexible and Responsive
Operating to high standards is not our only objective. For a partnership to work, flexibility is essential. We strive to provide specially tailored solutions without compromising standards, We offer all of this in a timely and responsive manner.
At SC we believe communication is the key to a successful partnership, which is why we place such importance on making sure our customers are kept informed on the status of their projects. We want our customers to regard us as an extension of their own facility and therefore we encourage direct and frequent contact with our customers. Our customers receive continuous feedback in the form of detailed weekly updates, comprehensive final reports and process documents in addition to regular teleconferences and verbal updates.
At SC business is carried out under the strictest confidentiality. It is our policy that all developed intellectual property will remain the sole property of our customers.
With close links to freeway and rail networks and easy driving distance to Shanghai PVG(2.5hhrs) and Nanjing airport(1.5hrs), SC is conveniently situated.Contact us directly by email, telephone or fax and be assured of a quick response.

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