Production Equipment
No. Item Content
1  Heat supply  1. Steam heating 150-180℃
 2. Conduction oil 220-300℃
2  Refrigeration  -20℃
3  Vacuum  Water vacuum 50-100mbar
 High vacuum 1-10mbar
4 N  1. Liquid N3500L(gas supply workshop; cooling liquid is used in cryogenic reaction)
 2. Mechanical N2000m3
5  Sewage treatment capacity  600 m3/day
6  Material of reaction equipment  Enamel, stainless steel, alloy
7  Total capacity of reaction  ﹥900m3
8  Size of reaction kettle  100-10000L
9  Hydrogenation equipment  500-6000L
10  Separation plant  Centrifugal machine, drying, three-in-one equipment

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